Graphic and web design.

Jacquelyn Anthony

I design on a foundation of team work, all nighters, and popular style. I work hard to achieve my goals. I am a capable and driven young woman. I intend to infiltrate the world of design and get my hands dirty in the process.

Because you deserve the best


I love event branding and illustration. My style is modern and sleek, sometimes experimental, and always in reference to the great masters of art to come before me. I thoroughly enjoy traveling and absorbing art styles from different cultures to use in my own work.


Who I am,

Jacquelyn Anthony

I was born in Dallas, Texas. And it was there I learned, quickly, that teamwork is at the center of all things successful. I played highly competitive sports, and I am sure to bring that knowledge of a team atmosphere into all things I design.

Design is a matter of teamwork and valuable input comes from the feedback of many. Everything I design is created with conceptual input from artists that have influenced me. When I analyze their work, I try to break down the methods they used and approach my design challenges with their spirit.

I live and design for


Branding is a head to toe experience. There is great satisfaction in seeing identities help businesses find their niche market. I work to understand the market your business strides to reach and create accordingly.